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Tourist firm Islas Travel works on Russian tourist market about 8 years.

Russia is an 'open-air' museum, and we are willing to show you all of its treasures:

Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, world famous cities, both centres of impressive architecture, art and history.

Ukraine, a country filled with ancient cities: Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Tchernigov, Sebastopol and the sunny Crimean peninsula.

The Golden Ring with unforgettable landscape and millennium traditions of the heart of Russia, of the ancient monastery cities of Suzdal, Vladimir, Rostov the Great, Kostroma, Yaroslavl.

Siberia crossed by the famous Transsiberian; is known for its taiga and its Baikal Lake, and for its famous cities of Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude or even Vladivostok.

Islas Travel is also tour operator in following countries: Spain, Andorra, Malta, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia.

Our company is one of the leading tour operators in yachting

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